episodeDecember 26, 2015 // "The Speed Sisters", President Clinton, Khadija Al-Salami and Dana Al Nemeh

The Speed Sisters discuss the challenges they faced racing cars with men in the occupied territories.

Noor, Betty and Marah are one of 4 women featured in Speed Sisters, a film that documents women race car drivers in Palestine. In this interview, the three women talk about their ambition to go into a non-traditional field for women, the challenges they faced and the support they received from family and friends. This is one fun segment that combines beauty and sports, the traditional and untraditional, and culture and politics as they race cars with men in the occupied territories.

For more information on speed sisters, visit Speedsisters.tv.

President Clinton shares his views on the Middle East and how crucial it is to bring to light all the good work happening in the region.

President Clinton talks with Zainab about his views on the Middle East and how crucial it is to bring to light all the good work that is happening in the region, which is currently missing in the Western press. He also shares his perspective on marriage, on being a grandfather and supporting his wife’s bid to run for president. Finally President Clinton shares his views on violence against women, why he has been supportive of women’s rights through the Clinton Global Initiatives and his own support of Zainab’s humanitarian work since she was 25 years of age and running Women for Women International.

For more information, go to Clintonfoundation.org.

The filmmaker discusses being a child bride and the work she is doing to help girls rebuild their lives.

Khadija was married off as a child but unlike other girls, she managed to get out of the marriage to pursue her education and work. Today she is an award winning film maker, “I am Nojoom, aged 10 and divorced” is a feature film about child marriage that she shot in Yemen. In this interview, we learn about child marriage worldwide, the emotional and physical struggle girls go through and the work Khadija is doing to help girls go back to school and rebuild their lives.

For more, visit Myfuture-yemen.org, Tooyoungtowed.org.

Dana shares with Zainab quick tips on healthy living and healthy shakes.

If you want quick tips for diets and healthy living, then you need to watch this segment. Zainab is a big fan of shakes and discusses with Dana healthy shakes for any time of the day that can help you rejuvenate your energy, tame your hunger and help you lose extra weight. Dana then shares and makes her own recipe on the show with Zainab.

Click here for the Green Tea Shake recipe.

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