episodeDecember 19, 2015 // Songül Öden, Bassam Aramin and Chef Mohammed Orfali & Chef Tarek Ibrahim

The Rose of Turkey discusses her Arab fans and the reasons behind her commitment to eradicate violence against women.

Songül Öden is the reigning queen of drama and the most popular Turkish Actress in the Middle East. Known as the Rose of Turkey, Songul talks about the impact of her role Noor on over 80 million viewers in the Arab world, what touched her most about her Arab fans and the impact of her touching upon taboo subjects in her roles. She also discusses for the first time her childhood and the moments that impacted her life the most, as well as the reasons behind her commitment to eradicating violence against women in an intimate and one of a kind interview with Zainab.

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A father discusses the death of his daughter by an Israeli sniper and why he decided to fight the occupation in a different way.

Bassam is a Palestinian father whose 9 year old daughter was shot and killed by an Israeli sniper. Bassam describes how he and his wife handled this shocking death, the struggle he has gone through to keep his family together and how he came to the conclusion that he will fight the occupation in a different way. He makes the decision to confront the Israeli soldier who killed his child and challenges him to address the crime that he committed within himself. Bassam offers pardon and forgiveness if the soldier can do that for himself. After telling his story, Bassam responds to audience reactions to his decision and logic. Some cry with him but many object to his conclusion. This heated discussion and argument engaged everyone in the audience and opened a new dialogue for a conflict that has dominated the Arab world – this time through the eyes of a father who has lost his own child.

In this funny segment, two of Fatafeet’s most popular celebrity chefs share their latest recipe for a healthier way to make tabbouleh.

In this fun, funny and joyful segment, two of Fatafeet’s most popular celebrity chefs on Hawaki, share their latest recipe to make tabbouleh in a healthy way that speaks to Zainab’s obsession with healthy food. The recipe is inspiring and so are the songs sang, the stories they share about men and women, and the dancing they all do together. This is beyond cooking, this is a friendly gathering that explores new modern contemporary cuisine built on the beautiful tradition of tabbouleh and all the laughter that comes in the process of making it.

Click here for the Tabboule recipe.

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