episodeNovember 07, 2015 // Wael, Geena Davis, DAM Band and Nora Fitzgerald

His friends know him as Wael, but what people don’t know is Wael was born a girl.

His friends know him as Wael, a 21-year-old young man. What people don’t know is that Wael is born a girl named Wa’am and is still physically a woman who wants to have an operation to become physically a man. Wael talks honestly about his struggle, his hopes and how he is dealing with the pain this issue is causing him and his family.
He is joined by his sister Ola who shares her family’s perspective as well as Dr. Antoine Eid, one of the most respected doctors in the Middle East who has successfully performed sex change operations. He sheds light on Wael's struggle and how to best discuss Wael’s issue from a medical perspective.
At the end of this segment, Wael surprises the audience with a most intimate revelation about himself, which triggers a strong emotional reaction from the audience.

Geena Davis talks about the impact of the various roles she played on her career and life.

In this exclusive interview for The Nida’a Show, Geena Davis, known for her iconic role in Thelma and Louise, talks about the impact of the various roles she played on her career and life, and discusses how playing strong female characters became her life’s passion. Geena also discusses the impact of the Middle East on her personal life, her marriage to an Iranian American man 15 years her junior, her three kids, and the organization she started to see how women are portrayed in media worldwide.

To find out more about the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, visit Seejane.org.

DAM joins The Nida’a Show and talks about their daring new song and audience reaction to it.

DAM is one of the first hip-hop groups in the Arab world that started with three Palestinian friends in the 90s. Their songs always addressed contemporary issues from terrorism to the Israeli occupation. Most recently they added a new member to their team MaysaDaw and launched a new song that captured women’s attention as it talked about the roles women are expected to play in the family. DAM joins The Nida’a Show and talks about this daring song, the inspiration behind it and audience reaction to it.

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Nora describes her journey of how she started the Amal Training Center for women.

Nora was like most people who walk in the streets of Morocco and pass by beggars. But one day Nora stopped and approached the beggar and even went home with her to see her reality. “I allowed my heart to be broken open in that moment” Nora states, as she describes her journey of how she started the Amal Center for women. In this interview we encounter Shadia, one of the beneficiaries of the Amal Center who tells her story of how she found herself a single mother in the streets to eventually having a decent life through the help of the Amal Center.

To find out more, go to Amalrestaurant.wordpress.com.

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