episodeDecember 05, 2015 // Ahd Kamel, Salah Addin, Brené Brown and Lina Khalifeh

The actress and filmmaker from Saudi Arabia talks about how she became an actress and the ensuing response.

Ahd is an actress and filmmaker from Saudi Arabia. Ahd launched her film career in 2005 with a string of internationally successful short films; all three of which have won prestigious festival awards. She is most well known for her starring role in 2012's high profile festival favorite and BAFTA nominee, 'Wadjda', which is Saudi Arabia's first feature film. Ahd talks to Zainab about how she made the move from studying law at Columbia university to becoming an actress, and the ensuing response from her family, native country and worldwide.

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Salah talks courageously about his illegitimacy and opens everyone’s eyes to the challenges a child faces.

Salah Addin is his first and last name. This 21 year old Moroccan man talks courageously in this interview about his illegitimacy. He discusses openly how he struggled all his life with his father’s rejection and the journey to finally meeting him, as well as his relationship with his mother and what she went through when she decided to keep her son. Salah Addin opens everyone’s eyes to the challenges a child faces, he shares how he finally arrived at peace and articulates his love for his mother in a most inspiring way. For a taboo topic in the Arab world, Salah Addin brings up the issue from a heartfelt perspective that would be hard for anybody to miss.

Dr Brené Brown talks about common themes in the Arab world faced by women from shame to vulnerability.

Dr. Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston. She is known for her expertise on vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame. Her discussions of these topics have gotten over 19 million views on TED TALK and led to her two #1 New York Times Bestsellers: Daring Greatly and The Gifts of Imperfection. Her third book, Rising Strong was released in 2015. In this interview, Dr. Brown talks to Zainab about common themes in the Arab world faced by women from shame to vulnerability. She sheds light on the difference between shame and guilt and how can one rise up beyond these meanings into owning one’s story and with that reaching inner freedom.

For more information on Dr. Brown’s work, visit Brenebrown.com.

The founder of SheFighter discusses the challenges women face in the streets of the Arab world and how they can defend themselves.

Lina Khalifeh is a Jordanian woman who has created the first center to teach women self-defense. Lina has received numerous awards for her work with Jordanian, Syrian and Iraqi women including an acknowledgment by President Obama. In this episode, she discusses with Zainab the challenges women face in the streets of the Arab world in terms of sexual harassment and demonstrates techniques for how they can defend themselves, along with other tactics like self-confidence. Every woman can learn from this segment.

For more information on Lina’s work, please visit Shefighter.com.

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