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The Nida’a show celebrates
the dreams and achievements
of Arab women

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The Nida’a show is a one hour ground-breaking talk show that provides high quality entertainment with current affairs discussion. Nida’a is dedicated to acknowledge Arab women and feature all their contributions in society. With no topic off the agenda, the Nida’a show comes to you from every corner of the Arab world to highlight the stories of ordinary people doing extra ordinary things. Zainab Salbi also hosts global and regional celebrities from Oprah Winfrey and President Bill Clinton to Yousra and Mohammed Assaf. In the Nida’a Show, audience and host cry, laugh, cook, sing, dance and talk fashion while also addressing taboo topics and things that impact daily lives in the Arab world.
The Host
  • “To dismantle fear in our lives takes all parties to show faith in the other and show love and vulnerability”

    -  Zainab Salbi -
  • “I want world peace is an easy sentence to place in everyone’s minds. Well, it all starts with you. The world does not change outside of you and wait for your reaction. It is the opposite, actually. You change and with that the world around you transforms in response to you.”

    -  Zainab Salbi -
  • “It does not matter which kind of decision maker you are, but I believe it does matter if you make your decisions from a place of compassion, from knowledge, from free will to choose, and from love—as love is always bigger than all”

    -  Zainab Salbi -
  • “The path of living your truth is not always easy. But it is always worth it!”

    -  Zainab Salbi -
  • “When we do not heal from whatever injustice we may have faced, we become the very thing we despise. In healing we change the story”

    -  Zainab Salbi -
  • “Whenever you enter a room, enter it with peace in your heart”

    -  Zainab Salbi -
  • “You can't see your sun unless you can see your shadow”

    -  Zainab Salbi -
  • “Embrace what you fear and you will see there is nothing to fear”

    -  Zainab Salbi -
  • “Love can guide us to truth in the kindest of ways”

    -  Zainab Salbi -
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